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About DC

My career is rooted in the passion I have for music, and it's impact on people and the world around us.

I started playing music from a young age; I learned drums, piano, and guitar, but I was always really fascinated with the process of creating records. Eventually I found my calling as a producer and engineer, and started recording every artist and friend I knew around me who wanted to work. 

I studied at Columbia College Chicago and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Arts and Acoustics in 2009. Soon after, I interned and eventually ran my own sessions at Pressure Point Recording Studios. There I got to sharpen my skills on all kinds of music from gospel choirs, to rock bands, electronic music, and everything in between with Grammy winning engineers and many major label artists.

 At that same time I set up my first home studio, and during that period worked with many Chicago artists starting up their careers including SAVEMONEY (Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Brian Fresco, Kami, Towkio), Vic Spencer, and BJ The Chicago Kid.

I moved to Atlanta in 2011, and after meeting 2 Chainz and Dolla Boy I began working out of the Dufflebag Boyz studio with them. I got to really experience working at a high level as 2 Chainz went from independent to signing to Def Jam, recording with him, Young Money, CTE, Jagged Edge, and more. I was blessed to spend a lot of time there working alongside and learning from "KY" Finis, who was responsible for Lil Wayne's newly autotuned sound on "No Ceilings," and many Drake, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj records.

 In 2012 while 2 Chainz was on tour, I was in Chicago and began working with more artists there (Lil Bibby, Z Money, Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil Reese, Fredo Santana, SD, Tray Savage, Gino Marley) to the point that I moved back, and in 2014 began working out of my own room at Complex 2010 Studios.

In 2017, while living and working between Los Angeles and Chicago, the studio building was bought and Complex was forced to quickly find a new location. We found a blank space in a warehouse and decided to build from the ground up. I imagined my dream room, mapped it out on paper, and then started building (as much as I could afford at a time...piece by piece...) that room.

The final result was one of the best sounding rooms in the city and became a favorite for many including Tink,

who has worked on multiple Gold records there. The experience of building my own room, really understanding how every material and every angle really alters the sound, and being able to know hear such small differences had a big impact on me and really tuned my ear even further.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2019 to expand my relationships with the many studios in the city, and to work with more artists like Lorine Chia, Simi, and Trevor Daniel. Recently I've done more work with licensing companies, producing and mixing music for TV shows, advertisements, and film.

I'm very excited for 2023 and what the future holds. I just finished up a project with Bam Marley that we have spent several years perfecting, and will release soon. I've also been increasingly busy as a musician and producer, and am currently producing several different projects with artists I love. 

Every experience along this journey has only increased my passion and love for music, and I look forward to every opportunity that will allow me to share that feeling and make a positive impact on people's lives.


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